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A Lost Balloon: a story of finding the positive.

Imagine it is your closest loved one’s birthday and you are on the way to their workplace to surprise them with a gift. Part of the gift is a beautiful large helium happy birthday balloon you just bought at the store. As you get out of the car, the string to the balloon breaks and the balloon takes off into the sky. Within a minutes time, the balloon is just a dot of color in the middle of a white puffy cloud on the horizon.

What if you were an eight year old girl and this happened to you as you took the balloon to your mama at work? How would you react? Last night this happened to my daughter Chy. As the shock of the moment set in, I looked in her eyes and feared a fathers worst moments, tears in his little girls eyes. While sadness and a bit of confusion of how to fix her dilemma of not having the balloon to present her mama set in, to my shock the tears stayed away. As we  talked about the event, I asked Chy, “where do you think the balloon will end up?” Without a delay she answered with a smile, “Sawyer (our pet rabbit who passed away a few months ago) is playing with it in heaven.”

Today I reflect on that moment asking myself, can we all find the positive in moments like this? Everyday we have small events like the lost balloon. How do you react to them? You cannot change the event, so do you seek out the positive that can from it?