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TED Talk Tuesdays

Writing a new post everyday for 30 days had made me start to think about how I can sustain my writing over time. My answer, use cheesy gimmicky themes. So every Tuesday’s post will be about a TED talk that has made me think, motivated me, taught me something new, or just plain entertained me.

I am going to kick off the series with a TED talk I was lucky enough to see in person. On November 10th, 2011 at the TEDxYouth@Columbus event Chris Timko gave the following talk:

My talk will be about my involvement as a rider in Pelotonia and my cross country bike ride two summers ago. I will focus in specifically on the way I went about getting involved in Pelotonia and how I took it one step further with my cross country ride. The talk will focus more about the methods I used to go about accomplishing these things and less about the accomplishments in and of themselves. The talk could be summarized as a story about my involvement with cancer as a whole.


As I listened to this story I knew I had to ‘ride’ for what I believe in, for what I am passionate about, learning. Not the learning that comes from our standards, our classrooms, what we the adults think students should learn, but the learning that stems from kids passions. This young man learned more from riding a bike than school could ever teach him. He learn about life, himself, selflessness. He learned what he was passionate about and what he wanted to dedicate his life doing. How many of our students have experiences by the age of 19 that teach them that lesson? Why don’t they? Isn’t that our hopes and dream for every kid to figure out who they want to be? Don’t we want our students to find something they care so much about that they will ride a bike across the country to achieve it?

So why doesn’t it happen more? Why is this story an anomaly for a 19-year-old as opposed to the norm?  We can find every excuse in the book, testing, standards, funding, on and on. The truth of it is, if this is what we as educators truly value for our kids, we will find a way to make it happen. For me, my moment of dipping the tire in the Pacific Ocean will be when we do make it happen.