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The Daily Must

To Do listA while back I read this post about a 10 Things to Do at Work Everyday. It is not a list of tasks that are urgent, it is a list of task that are important to you. When I coached football I started every practice with my daily must drills. The basic drills that made players better at playing the game. I am now trying to create a daily must list for my life, professional and personal. These are items that are important to me. Items that if I accomplish every day, I will grow as a person, build stronger relationships, and work slowly towards my daily goals. This is a work in progress, but below is my first shot at the daily must list for my professional life.

My Daily Must List (Professional)

  1. Read education related blog/book or journal.

  2. Read/listen to something related non-education specific.

  3. Visit 3 classrooms.

  4. Drop a note of appreciation to at least one staff member.

  5. Keep inbox as close to zero as possible.

  6. Connect with a student I have never connected with before.

  7. Connect with staff member about something non-work related.

  8. Write for 15 minutes.

  9. Share resources and information on social media.

  10. End the day by reflecting on which of these items I was successful at achieving and create a work plan for the following day.

To me the final item is the most important. I need to be  more reflective. We should always be looking back at what we did, why it matters and what we can change to improve the work we are doing.

Do you have a daily must list? What is on yours? Please share,so I can steal the best of your daily must list to make mine better.

Wiki Ideas—I need them all

So my idea of using this blog to collect ideas on how teachers were using blogging in their classroom didn’t get the results I had hoped for. I did get a few new ideas, which means the work was worth the effort.

I am now getting ready to present on wiki’s at the Etech Ohio Conference in February. I want to gather as many ideas and post them to a wiki as a resourse for the presentation and beyond. If you use wiki’s in an educational setting, or have any ideas on how to use them, let me know by posting a reply. I will take all replies and complile them on a wiki. I will post the link to the wiki on here in January. If someone has already done this, I would love to know. Less work for me and easy resources are always a good thing.

I'm Back–The Blogging Idea Project

Since this site wasn’t getting many hits, I stopped writing for quite a while. I am now ready to get back to writing and hope that the few people who currently read this enjoy it and get something out of it.

I am teaching a session next week during our districts in-service day on blogging in the classroom. I have what I feel is a great plan to engage the 20 participants in the two hour session. My goal is for each teacher to have a blog-space of their own setup and ready to use in their classroom the following week. The one area where I want to be better prepared is giving the group ideas to blog about. I have created the fancy name of “The Blogging Idea Project.” For this project, I have set up this wiki for the education world to create a database of blogging ideas. You can add entire post, or simply topics you would have your students blogs about. If there are other similar list out there, send me the links and I will add those to the wiki. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

One at a Time

My question is not why use web 2.0 in the classroom, but how do we get teachers to get on board? I was very frustrated by the fact that it wasn’t just happening. I am currently teaching an online professional development class centered around blogging and a few other technology topics (websites, inspiration, digital images). I have 11 teachers from my district in the one semester hour class. They posed a lot of questions and concerns about blogging in the classroom. They were concerned about; security, management, replying to 150 students post, rules and guidelines, tech skills, home access, and so on. I feel like I calmed the fears of the majority. Enough that two of the teachers have started a classroom blog and at least half of them will start one next school year.

So, how do we get teachers into the web 2.0 world? One at a time. We need to get our best, our most vocal, and our inovative teachers on board first. We have to help them out and make sure they are doing it the right way. We have to make sure they are successful. When they are successful and they see growth in their students due to the blogs (and wiki’s, podcast, ect…), we will see an exponetial growth.

If you are searching for the same answers I was, go out and find those few people. Focus on them. Make sure it is a success. Then make sure the entire administration, building, district or city sees the success.  The others will hop on board.


Latley I have been reading quite a few education related blogs and listening to podcasts. As I have been reading and listening, I think to myself that all teachers should be taking part in this interactive activity. Then today, the light bulb turned on…I’m not taking part in the interactive community, I am just an outsider looking in. I needed to start my own blog where my thoughts can be shared with anyone who cares to read them. Now, the “future of education” has begun for me. I hope you find it inspiring and thought provoking.