One Word 2016: Mend

One WordIn January I heard of this new trend of replacing resolutions called One Word. I grabbed the book and read it the next day. I printed the sheets that help you figure your word, and then….nothing. My word didn’t come to me. Like our resolutions we normally set in January, I let the creation of my word slip away.

On Easter Sunday we went to church for the first time in quite a while. The sermon was to the theme of broken. An awesome visual was used to illustrate how something that is broken may never be what is was exactly in the past, but it can be used to create something beautiful if put in the hands of a craftsman. Simple concept, we are all broken and Jesus is here to help us fix things. That evening my word came to me.

Definition: repair (something that is broken or damaged).

There are lots of pieces in my life that are “broken.” I am going to dedicate this year to the process of mending those things. I will expound on how in the coming weeks and months through my reflections on here. For now, wish me luck and for any of those of you who are part of my life, thank you in advance for your part in the process.