I’m Unhappy and Tired

The last three weeks at school have drug me down. I feel like I am spinning my wheels dealing with drama and situations that do not impact the learning happening in the school. This is frustrating. I went into administration to support great teacher trying to do great things. I know discipline is part of this support, but (ah, there is that magic word).

I fell into the trap. I fell into the downward spiral of the “yeah but” trail that leads to nowhere positive. So now it is time to reflect on why I am truly in the spot I am? Where do I want to be? What are the steps I can take to bridge the gap between the two places?

I am unhappy. Not unhappy with where I work or what I do, I am unhappy with myself for letting myself get into the “yeah but” mindset I hate. I am tired of not being the leader and instigator of positive change I walked into this role planning to be. Right now is the moment that changes. I am kicking my “but” and getting a better attitude starting right now. How many of you feel the same way? What do you do to “kick your buts?”